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Welcome To The Club Penguin Minigames Site!

(or simply CPM)

Updated 24 May 2008

« Welcome to Club Penguin Minigames! Here you can play minigames without logging in.
Here you can start playing CP minigames by clicking in the games page or click on the links below.
If your gonna play minigames or access this site you agree to the copyright below in bold. »

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By entering the site you agree that you must not spam at this site, not copying the links to the game and steal content from this site.If you really want to put games on your site you should put a link to this site instead of posting the links for the games in your site. If you dont follow the rules, your site will be suspended

I am serious about this and if I found out your breached this copyright your punishment is that you shall not enter this site because I can ban your IP address and also I can suspend your site


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 And you just want to play CP minigames?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions and the red text, welcome to Club Penguin Minigames (CPM)

Here you can play games without logging in!!!

So enjoy your visit and please agree to the Rules about in bold

If you like a game post a comment under the right game page and if you want add a rating.

Some page is incomplete, help us by posting a screenshot of the game, add a better discreption, posting links for new games (if you do that you get credit for it), you can do that by posting a comment on the right page

There is a page that you must put a code into

If you dont have a secret code you must fish it out somewhere on the site for the code


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